Our first piece of furniture is now complete – behold the Pallet Coffee Table!!

A quirky coffee table made from a salvaged industrial pallet!

A quirky coffee table made from a salvaged industrial pallet!

It has been an extremely busy week at Dave’s Beach Hut this week as we have been knee deep in preparation for launching our website early next month and getting back out on the craft market scene to spread the good word, but I couldn’t resist shouting out to the whole world about our first completed piece of furniture!

We currently have a few projects that are in various stages of completion but me and young Christopher were stoked to finish this coffee table made from a reclaimed industrial pallet!

How we made it (without giving away too many secrets!)

After scouting our local industrial estates for interesting artifacts we got talking to a few business owners and were donated a nice pallet on the basis that it would otherwise end up on the tip!  The wood looked nice and distressed by the elements so we took it back to the workshop and started to work our magic!

Salvaged pallet before being turned into a coffee table!

Salvaged pallet before being turned into a coffee table!

The next challenge was to clean up the surfaces and get the top looking nice!  After giving it a quick sponge down with some hot water and bleach to bring the grain out and bust some grime we got to work with sanding!  This was the most laborious part of the process and really took some doing!

We started by blasting the top layers with the belt sander, and then got right in with the hand sanding!  We worked our way through to a fine 240 grit and decided that over sanding would ruin the shabby/reclaimed aesthetic we were going for.

Chris busting some serious grain!

Chris busting some serious grain!

Sandin down pallet coffee table - part 4

When all of the nasty corners and splinters had been eliminated we were left with a smooth and robust tabletop.  Our next goal was to mount it onto an equally tough frame and make our creation functional.

We built a frame from some other salvaged wood we’d accrued, prepared the chunky legs and assembled the whole piece using large coach bolts that complemented the industrial feel we were going for.  From there we simply made sure that everything was square and level, did a bit of distressing, and cracked into a few beers!

The finished coffee table

The finished coffee table

We are now working on a full size dining table from reclaimed wood that is looking superb as well as a few other projects that will all be available very soon!

For more eco-friendly home wares and magical gift ideas be sure to befriend us on Facebook (where you might score some cheeky discounts) and then head on over to our Etsy store for some much deserved retail therapy!!

Jimothy & Christopher

Dave’s Beach Hut


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